$100K Pot in a High Stakes Live Cash Game

As the title proposes, this interesting flush versus flush hand from Season 12 of Poker After Dim pulled in an enormous pot, yet in addition a methodology fragment from me! Including laid out expert Justin Youthful and Headliner Last Table veteran Ben Sheep, this hand hit six figures, however had an adequate number of precious stones to fill a gems store.

This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. On the off chance that you might want to keep awake to date with more video content like this, including hand breakdowns from Hellmuth versus Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney and the sky is the limit from there, click here.

Preflop Play “Into the evening”
Using the ride, Justin Youthful charges the table $400 to remain in the hand with 8♦4♦. After the 5-gave table folds around, Ben Sheep makes it $1,500 on the Huge Visually impaired with A♦7♦ . While numerous players would expect an overlay would be the right move in Youthful’s situation, considering the capacity to close the activity, and furthermore Sheep’s wide raising reach, a bring in this spot is shrewd and lets Youthful play the lemon.

At the time, Youthful without a doubt wanted to see precious stones moving on the load up, yet much to his dismay Sheep had two prettier ones in his own hand. With the ace high flush draw, Sheep made the continuation bet for $1,700, generally a portion of the pot. Having a flush draw himself, Youthful effortlessly needed to call. Here, Youthful makes the right play as a raise in this present circumstance would be really horrendous because of the game being profound stacked. If Youthful somehow managed to raise, a following 3-bet would leave him speculating and truly defenseless against more grounded hands, recognizing Sheep’s preflop raise. If Youthful somehow managed to bring successfully up in this present circumstance, he ought to do as such with his best, premium hands, too as superior draws that could call a 3-bet.

While Youthful hits his flush on the turn, he is stone dead as Sheep’s a lot higher flush left him totally overwhelmed. As the first to act, Sheep has numerous choices to continue with his nut hand. One of these choices is wagered enormous, as such a bet would separate worth from rivals in the hand with jacks, nines, and different precious stone combos. Then again, a check in this spot would significantly safeguard Sheep’s checking range, making him less helpless to shady wagers from rivals in later hands. Sheep does precisely that, and checks to Youthful, who continues to fire into the pot with a $3,500 bet. Sheep shrewdly calls this bet, as bringing up in this spot would gamble with prompting a crease before Youthful can forfeit a greater amount of his chips on the stream.

Out of position with the best hand, Sheep carefully checks, tricking Youthful into a worth bet of $8,500. With the nuts, Sheep drove his whole stack into the center, placing Youthful in an amazingly predicament. While we have the advantage of understanding what the two players have, Youthful was playing live and couldn’t explicitly understand what Sheep was pushing with. Youthful is compelled to make a hesitant (accentuation on hesitant) bring here to recognize Sheep’s capacity to transform cards into feigns and inclination to fight at the table. Settling on the decision, Youthful takes care of Sheep’s pro high flush, adding to an exceptionally worthwhile hand for Sheep.






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