ADDAMO Is Put To The TEST Heads-Up

2021 Poker Bosses champ Michael Addamo not just has a purple coat in his closet, yet in addition has four (you read that accurately) GG Poker Super Millions competition wins to his name, and in this hand, we see him pursue his fifth Super Millions win against competition qualifier Hightroler, who satellited into this occasion off of a $525 competition. Hightroler has come quite far as yet, yet do they have the stuff to go up against the Super Millions end chief?

This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. On the off chance that you might want to keep awake to date with more video content like this, including hand breakdowns from Hellmuth versus Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Bryn Kenney and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, click here.

Preflop Play Fair warning
With K♣T♥, Hightroler makes the standard raise one would need to make while playing fair warning. Addamo, carefully peering down at J♥9♥, level approaches the large visually impaired.

The lemon is exceptionally helpful for Addamo, who flops both a stomach shot straight draw as well as a sprinter flush draw. In these spots, Addamo ought to design an essential check-raise against his rival. At the point when you have a stomach shot joined by two over cards to center matches, you are in an extraordinary spot for a successful check-raise. On the off chance that the reaction from your rival is a re-raise, you can without much of a stretch overlap, and a call will pass on you well-positioned to exploit any hearts, tens, jacks, and even nines. Also, you can initiate your adversary to crease minimal hands (like lord high). The main time you ought to be reluctant to make the check-raise in this position is assuming you realize your rival will push it all-in.

While Addamo matches his jack and has the best hand, he didn’t can understand what his rival had as we do (says thanks to GG Poker), and keeping in mind that he truly does as a matter of fact have the best hand, that jack might actually help his adversary out much more than himself. Going from an inferior attract to now a minor made hand, Addamo ought to check as you ought to do with by far most of your minimal hands. A bet out of position would either prompt a call from a possible made hand, or a raise that would be incredibly challenging to explore (in any event, for a purple coat champ).

Astutely, Addamo checks to Hightroler, who with the turned jack currently has an unassuming straight draw. While Hightroler can unquestionably use their open-ender and make a bet with position, the way that Addamo has twofold how much chips leaves them helpless against a check-push. Indeed, even with the potential check-push in the shadows, Hightroler ought to probably still make a bet as the likelihood of a check-push, while conceivable, is low. A little wagered of 1.5 million would bring about north of a 5 million chip pot following a call, leaving the pot estimated push as a choice in the event that the hand arrived at the waterway. Despite how we would play the hand, Hightroler chooses for check, carrying the hand to fifth road.

With a second eight on the stream, Addamo is presently in a position where he needs to choose whether or not to esteem bet his two sets. Against clear rivals, you ought to be leaned to make a little worth bet in this and comparable circumstances. Rivals holding a three or a pocket pair like sixes can track down a cancel and pay you with your better hand. With the worth bet considered, the a possibly choice for this situation is leave position, and hope to call a meager bet from a rival enthusiastically.

Not being nitty and detached, Addamo makes the previously mentioned esteem bet for 741,840. With K♣T♥, Hightroler has the horrible hand and realizes calling isn’t a choice. In this spot Hightroler has two choices: overlay the purposely more vulnerable hand or make a raise. One ought to be cautious while considering a raise in this present circumstance, a decent, adjusted player like Addamo will cancel the proper minimal hands and could have eights/ten-nines in his reach. On the other side, Hightroler has important blockers with K♣T♥, removing premium straights from Addamo. Gauging their feign choices, Hightroler chooses for feign with around 50% of their stack, tossing more than 3 million chips into the computerized pot. From our examination, this size of wagered is a slip-up on Hightroler’s part. Rivals with negligible hands can probably feel evaluated into calling a bet of this size, and when you know you’re behind, drawing in guests is the last thing you need to do.






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