Total Overdrive is a game developed by Betsoft Gaming.

A Neon Dream is what Total Overdrive is.

In the 1980s, when we thought about the future, it was filled with a lot of neon lights and computer-generated vector graphics. This was our picture of the future. There was also a significant amount of electronic synth music involved because there was no conceivable reason in the future for anyone to perform analogue instruments when computers would be able to play the instruments for us.

We bring all of this up because Betsoft Gaming’s newest release is a game called Total Overdrive, and we aren’t sure whether to classify its aesthetic as being more reminiscent of the past or of the future. What we can say with some degree of certainty is that it looks and feels like a game that presents a retro view of the future, which means that if you’re a fan of that old-fashioned vision of the future, you’ll really enjoy this game.

You’ve arrived in the future of the past!

Total Overdrive is a computer-produced slot game that consists of three reels, three rows, and five pay lines. The game takes place in a world that was generated by a computer, and in the background, you can see a city of the future. The reels of the game are outlined in neon, giving it an appearance that is comparable to that of a heads-up display. On those reels, you’ll find single, double, and triple BARs, as well as a yellow bell, a blue diamond, red cherries, a 7, and a 777. Other symbols include a 7 and a 777. There is also a symbol called the Overdrive Wild, and if you obtain three of those, you will receive a payout that is equal to fifty times your initial wager.

The graphics in this game are all done in a fantastic neon manner, and the soundtrack features the ideal electronic synth pop that is required to finish off the nostalgic yet futuristic atmosphere.

A Function Called the Overdrive Multiplier

You will notice a unique Overdrive sign to the right of the third reel. This symbol is the Overdrive Multiplier, and it will help you win more frequently. When you hit a winning combination, a multiplier value that is twice that amount will appear underneath that symbol. If you manage to earn another win on your next spin, your prize will be multiplied by 2X, and the Overdrive Multiplier will grow to 3X for the next spin. This will continue for as long as you are able to get consecutive wins, with the value of the multiplier increasing with each successive victory. However, the multiplier value will be reset if you spin the reels without achieving a win.

A Multiplier That’s Sticky

Every victory that you achieve in this game comes with the possibility of awarding you with a Sticky Multiplier as well. When this occurs, a hold meter will be displayed above the Overdrive Multiplier symbol, and the value of the multiplier will be held for a total of eight spins. This will prevent the value from being reset after a spin that does not result in a win, making it much simpler to accumulate the multiplier until it reaches an exceptional level. To make matters even better, it is possible to retrigger the Sticky Multiplier function while the hold meter is already in place. This would refill the meter to eight spins, which is a huge advantage.

The level of excitement reaches a fever pitch.

The concept of increasing multipliers with subsequent wins is not a novel one; nonetheless, the execution of this concept in this game is simply outstanding. As the multiplier value rises, the Overdrive Multiplier symbol will appear more animated, the accompanying music will ramp up the tempo, and the reels will give the impression that they are spinning even more quickly. This truly gets the adrenaline going, and you’ll find yourself wishing the meter would go to even higher levels as a result.






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